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Psychotherapy in London and Online

TENNUR KATGI, Psychotherapist

Online Therapy

I have always worked online, even before the pandemic. Online therapy is as effective as as working in-person and now the majority of the clients prefer working this way.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT is the most commonly used psychotherapy approach because it is evidence-based, short-term and solution-focused. If you would like to see improvement in a short amount of time, it might be the right fit.

Schema Therapy

Schema therapy is a transformative approach focusing on creating change for a wide range of issues. It is a warm, compassionate, creative approach that can help with many issues and creating a life transformation.

Tennur Katgi, Psychotherapist

Welcome to my website. I am an accredited counsellor, CBT and Schema Therapist. I mostly work with people who had a difficult childhood such as experiencing trauma, being bullied, or lacking emotional support and now experience depression, panic and anxiety, difficulties in relationships, low self-esteem, borderline personality disorder, eating disorders and body image issues.

I always prioritise your needs. I try to integrate specialised methods which we can see the best progress in a shorter amount of time that you can relieve the problematic aspects of your life.

I help people with a wide range of psychological problems at my private practice in central London. Online sessions are also available.

How can psychotherapy with Tennur help you?

Psychotherapy is a valuable inner journey that you can gift yourself. You can discover old patterns that make you feel stuck in the present problems, and gain different perspectives. Then, you can find creative solutions to them. It can reduce the emotional and behavioural distress and while focusing on recovery and increasing your resilience which eventually leading to a more satisfied life.

I describe myself as a supportive psychotherapist who would work as a team with you. I always listen but I don’t keep silent during the sessions because I know that your life has become quite difficult lately. It is important to have someone you could work together to resolve your issues. My approach is result oriented, and we are going to achive long-term well-being together.
I propose to you to be partners of healing. My goal is for you to strengthen enough to make your own decisions confidently to achieve a harmony between your wishes and your life.

Issues I support with


“My first experience with therapy has been with Tennur, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is extremely professional, and has an extensive knowledge and background in psychotherapy. She made me feel at ease, was completely non-judgemental, and helped me reach clearly defined goals. I am very grateful for this experience. “

“Tennur made me feel at ease immediately. She allowed me time and space to speak and reflect. She understood what my issues were very quickly in my first session and together we agreed goals and a plan of actions for the next sessions. Definitely recommended.”

“Tennur made me feel very comfortable to open up with my relationship and personality problems. I would definitely recommend her.”